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Our production

Our capacity is between 10,000 and 35,000 handbags a month, depending on the complexity of the model.

Over 95% of the materials we use is genuine high-quality Italian leather: calfskin, lambskin, python skin.

Currently, we have two production facilities. One is located in Plovdiv, the second largest city in Bulgaria, and the other one is 50km away in a small town called Pavelsko. Both factories are located close to main road arteries, which significantly facilitates the access to them. The total area of the manufacturing premises is little more than 4,000 sqm.

The company’s philosophy is to manufacture quality products, in short periods of time and at competitive prices.

Prototypes and Samples

Our qualified and experienced team is able to provide a full service starting from the creation of prototypes, based on customer design or drawing, to manufacturing of samples goods after approval of the prototype, calculation of consumption and the whole amount of raw materials, patterns/molds, etc.

Industrial engineers also use the tools of data science and machine learning in their work due to the strong connection of these disciplines with the respective field.

Tolling production

During the past 20 years we have been producing leather accessories for some of the main Italian, French and German designers/brands. The design, patterns and all the necessary materials for manufacturing the goods are supplied by the client. For some of our customers we are providing flexible solutions for supplying the supporting materials (threads, adhesive, reinforcements, metal fittings, etc) in order to decrease the total cost of the finished product.

Machine list


  • Automatic cutting machine: 2
  • Shearing bridge cutter: 4
  • Shearing flag cutter / clicking press: 6


  • Splitter: 4
  • Fleshing / sewing Machine: 5
  • Spray gluing machine: 8
  • Roller gluing machine: 2
  • Printing / stamping machine: 3
  • Piping / threading / edging Machine: 1


  • Glue and mastic application machine: 4
  • Flat sewing machine: 20
  • One arm serwing machine: 40
  • Column / high posting sewing machine: 3
  • Automatic sewing machine: 3
  • Discarders / rib grinders; scraping / brushing machine: 6


  • Blow heater machine: 2