Face Masks

Face Masks

Our FMN99 mask is certified to protect against 99.7% of the bacteria. Worn by doctors and people all around the globe.


With over 50 years of experience, we have helped some of the biggest brands in the fashion industry.

Quality is not an act, it's a habit.


Zarena AD was founded in 1970 as an affiliate to the state-owned enterprise Chaika Plovdiv – a leading leather products manufacturer. The main activity of the company since then is the production of leather bags, suitcases and other leather accessories. The demand during those years made us focus on handbags, which account for 90% of the production in the last 10 years. Recently, we invested in building our own software department, as well as, we started mask production lines due to the rising demand for protective equipment.

The product quality gained us the position of a major and also reliable partner to many European companies. We have worked and continue to work with some of the leading Italian and French fashion powerhouses.

Professional Team

With a team of engineers and highly specialized workers, we ensure the products we make will be of the finest quality.


Our engineer team always helps pick the right approach to each project. We strive to help our clients take the next step in the right direction leading to the ultimate success of their brands.

High Volumes

We are confident that we can meet your production requirements and expectations. Even if they exceed the capacity of our factories, we constantly work with subcontractor.


Safety is one of our highest priorities. Each of our employees strictly follows the policies and guidelines to ensure their safety and the safety of the environment. We conduct ongoing environmental audits to ensure that all requirements are met.

Safe Workplace

It is important for us that our employees are safe, but also feel comfortable at work. We make sure everyone is treated equally and receives the same benefits regardless of their position, race and gender. Our low employee turnover is proof of that.

Attention to detail

Through great attention to details, we achieve thoroughness and accuracy at every single stage of the production process.

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