About Us

Main Purpose

Sustainable high quality at affordable prices

With high levels of quality and optimized processes, we produce a wide range of products at our factories in Bulgaria. Thanks to our broad experience in the industry, we are able to provide an incomparable quality at prices that are very hard to beat anywhere in the world. We do all that while making sure our workers get great environment and working conditions. We are proud to say that thanks to our efforts in that field, we have one of the lowest employees turnover rates in the local industry. 

Quick Facts

  • Company name: Zarena AD
  • VAT: BG120007789
  • Main products/services: Leather bags, accessories, medical masks, software ERM systems
  • Total items produced in 2019: 649,467 pcs
  • Total number of employees at 31/12/2019: 290
  • Average workforce employed in 2019: 284
  • Total area: 3000 m^2

Monthly Output

  • Handbags: 10,000 - 35,000 (depending on complexity)
  • Masks: 10,000,000 (Type IIR/FFP1)

Company Structure


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