Production of Leather Goods

Following the process of prototyping and sampling we go into production. Our capacity is 3500 to 4500 bags per month depending on the complexity of the model. All the main materials that we are supplying for our customers and for our own production are of very high quality. We are working with some of the best Italian tanneries and metal accessories manufacturers. The combination of first class materials and quality workmanship results in extraordinary leather products.

Production of Prototypes and Samples

Our qualified and experienced team is able to provide a full and quality service starting from the creation of prototypes, based on customer design or drawing, to manufacturing of sample goods after approval of the prototype, calculation of consumption and the whole amount of row materials, patterns/moulds, etc.

Tolling production

During the past 15 years we are producing leather accessories for some of the main Italian, French and German designers/brands. The design, patterns and all the necessary materials for manufacturing the goods are supplied by the client. For some of our customers we are providing flexible solutions for supplying the supporting materials (threads, adhesive, reinforcements, edge colours, metal fittings, etc.) in order to decrease the cost of the products.

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